SOLMAR V, 1 Mar – 9 Mar 2021

Solmar V continues the adventure at Revillagigedo having great moments in general but
more specific this time has to be the great shark activity having remarkable diving
especially at Cañon where despite the visibility the great encounters couldn´t be better
so here is a scoop of what we have seen along the trip.

The first stop was “El Boiler” where we had poor visibility of 15 m / 45 ft but this wasn´t
enough to stop the dolphins sprinting and rushing at the surface on a weird behavior
chasing each other at the surface and then dropping close to the divers giving a great
show. Few hammerheads and Galapagos were swimming close to the rock and the
mantas hovering at the north point gliding with the current and having their usual bubble
shower. Over 5 different mantas along the day gave a great spectacle coming and
going to the blue.

At Cabo Pearce in Socorro Island we had a few dolphins passing by, but this time they
didn´t interact as they usually do at this site. The highlight here happened when close to
the ridge on the south we spotted a school of hammerheads with over 20 different
sharks swimming into the slight current.
We could see very interactive mantas close to the shallow area been cleaned by the
endemic clarion angelfish rushing after them giving this amazing contrast against the
black mantas especially.

At Roca Partida we had crystal clear water, choppy surface but tons of fishes including
big schools of cottonmouth jacks making their typical structures at the west side mixed
with black jacks and lots of triggers. The best moment happened when a juvenile whale
shark was spotted at the south point of Roca, hovering at shallow water for over 2 dives
giving the best shots for the photographers that happily enjoyed her company. 2 Mantas
where gliding at the north for the last 2 dives going to the blue with this faded view that
keeps us wanting more.

The last stop was “El Cañon” in San Benedicto Island where we had great dives with
tons of sharks at the cleaning station. Hard to tell how many were they but the action
didn´t stop for the 4 dives we had there. Few blacktips chasing a big school of skip
jacks, Galapagos sharks, silvertips of all sizes, whitetips, and schools of hammerheads
at the sandy bottom and swimming into the blue were the perfect scenario to make this
the best day of diving along the week.

Thanks to this amazing spot for showing us again one of the best diving in the world.
Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.
Solmar V.
Weather conditions 4

Wind – 4
Clouds – 2
Current – 2
Visibility – 20 m / 60 ft
Temperature Average – 71° F
Crossing – 24 hours