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Cage diving in Guadalupe Island is the most exciting adventure for certified and non certified divers. Since you will be breathing from surface supplied air and not using scuba tanks, this is the perfect experience for anyone!

It is located in the Pacific Ocean approximately 165 nautical miles west of Ensenada, Mexico.

Guadalupe Island Diving Season


The visibility is often over 100 ft and whe water temperature averages between 65F-70F

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Guadalupe Island Itinerary

5 days

Many call this place Jurassic Park. It’s even better than that

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Meet the SPOC
Self Propelled Ocaen Cage
This self propelled cage can hold a pilot in the back, you in the front, and has a cruising speed of 5 knots!

Its speed of 5 knots allows you to keep up with the pace of a great white, which would be impossible when swimming or diving. Both the pilot and the diver wear full face masks keeping communication between themselves and also with the boat.

Guadalupe Island Diving Liveaboards

Our boats have their own character - they’re unique

It’s a classic

Traditional strong steel hull with wood interiors, the Solmar V is a classic. A 112ft diving and exploration vessel with the best and most experienced crew Mexico has to offer.

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The ultimate diving experience, in and out of the water

The fastest and most luxurious liveaboard in our fleet

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  • Great visibility and blue water
  • Friendly and experienced crew
  • Pioneers. We love it there
  • Safety. We know the island like no one else
Frequently asked questions
  • When is the best time to go diving in Guadalupe Island?
    August through October. For specific water conditions and marine life encounters, please go to the individual destination page by using the drop down destination menu at the top of any page.
  • What airlines fly there and to what airport?
    Most of our Guadalupe Itinerary passengers fly into San Diego International Airport (Airport Code SAN) and spend at least one night in San Diego, California. Airlines include American, United, Southwest Airlines, among most other Domestic Airlines.
    Passengers who currently reside in Mexico may opt to travel to Tijuana (Airport Code TIJ) rather than San Diego. Options for airlines that fly into TIJ are: Aeromexico, Interjet, Volaris.
    It is highly recommended you arrive in San Diego or Tijuana at least one day before your trip departure date to allow for unforeseen travel delays prior to your trip start with Pelagic Fleet such as airline cancellations and delays beyond our and your control.
  • What travel documents do I need for immigration?
    As of January 2016, all U.S. citizens require a valid passport for travel in and out of Mexico. You will be asked to fill out a tourist card upon entering the country and present this to the immigration officials in Mexico. For other nationalities, you should ask your airline or call the Mexican Consulate in your country. With so many recent changes to travel policies and requirements, these requirements are subject to change so check before you begin your travel plans. For our Guadalupe Trips you will arrive to San Diego, California and then escorted by our staff in an air conditioned coach to Ensenada, Mexico via Tijuana. Our staff will assist you with your tourist visa when crossing at the border in Tijuana but you must have a valid passport in your possession.
  • Where do I go when I arrive?
    SAN DIEGO: We recommend guests stay at our Host Hotel in the downtown San Diego area, as this is where the luxury motor coach will pick all guests up in the morning of departure to assist with travel to Ensenada. Pelagic Fleet negotiates special rates at our Host Hotel and a website link will be provided to all guests where they can book at the negotiated rate until 30 days prior, when the rooms are released to the general public. We strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute to book your room, as this is high season for travel to San Diego. Upon booking your Guadalupe Trip, you will be provided with a customized website link that you may use to book your room at the Host Hotel for your specific trip date at the Pelagic Fleet Rate.

    TIJUANA: In Tijuana, our recommended hotel is the Hotel Real Inn. If you stay here, the luxury motor coach will simply pick you up after crossing the border, en route to Ensenada. There are no other pick-up locations in Tijuana, so if you stay somewhere else, you will need to make your way to the Hotel Real Inn for pick-up.
  • What about insurance?
    Dive Insurance is mandatory for all trips to Socorro Islands and you will be asked to show proof of Insurance prior to the trip. On Guadalupe Island trips, Dive Insurance is required to dive in the submersible cage. For all travelers, we strongly recommend Travel Insurance. For your convenience, several options are provided here for you:

    DAN Insurance.


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