The Pacific Fleet has always maintained that our guest’s safety as well as that of our crews, is of primary importance. In our world, as we navigate through this pandemic, we are increasing our health and safety protocols in order for our guests and our crew to feel safe on our trips.


Trip preparation:

• We will be requiring that all guests sign the COVID-19 Declaration in addition to the normal waiver.
• All guests must log their temperatures twice daily for 7 (seven) days prior to their trip. This log must be sent to us minimum of 1 (one) day prior AND brought with them to the vessel.
• Results of the CV-19 test along with the temperature logs must be received by us no less that 1 day prior to the trip*

Before guest arrival:

• The entire vessel will be fogged with a hospital grade disinfectant
• All touch surfaces will be thoroughly wiped down and disinfected
• All dive equipment will be thoroughly disinfected

Arrival at vessel:

• Upon arrival at the vessel each guest will have their temperature taken. If anyone has a temperature above 100.4 F or displaying flu-like symptoms they will be denied boarding.
• The guest luggage will be fogged on the dock before they are moved onto the vessel.
• Masks are available to each guest on arrival and throughout the trip although we strongly recommend each guest bring their own to minimize disposal of masks, which is now becoming a worldwide environmental hazard.

Onboard throughout the trip:

• Twice daily every guest will have their temperature taken and it will be logged in their personal log that was brought with them.
• Crew members will be taking their temperature twice daily and logging their results.
• Guests are asked to wear masks in all common areas, the exception being the dive deck when gearing up to go diving. However, we ask all guests at that time to adhere to the minimum distance of 6’ separation.
• Crew members will be wearing masks throughout the trip.
• All touch surfaces such as handrails, door handles etc will be disinfected a minimum of three times a daily
• All common areas and rooms will be disinfected three times a day
• Throughout the vessel and in each room, we will provide hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, as well as tissues.
• All garbage cans will be emptied a minimum of twice daily
• We ask all guests to use drops or provided anti-fog in their masks as there is no common rinse tank anymore

If during the trip any guest or crew member that has a high temperature or exhibits flu-like symptoms they will be required to contain themselves to their cabin for the remainder of the trip.

We are committed to ensuring everyone stays safe and healthy, but we also want to ensure that everyone has their most memorable trip. Our trips have gone incredibly well, but we are not letting our guard down. We are here to make sure you enjoy every aspect of your trip, while keeping your health as our first priority. Our safety protocols have the highest standards in all of the industry and we strive everyday to keep all of you healthy, happy and diving! Come experience the best big animal diving with us. We’ll take care of the rest!

Covid-19 Testing for Travel to the US

As everyone is now aware, the United States is now requiring all persons entering the US by air to have a negative PCR or Antigen test administered no less than 72 hours prior to arrival in the US. This test has to be certified by a Lab or a medical professional. This documentation MUST be provided to the airline upon check in or the guest will be denied boarding.
This is a tricky situation for you, our guests as we are aware many of you fly out the morning after we arrive back in port. Therefore, we have come up with a solution. We arrive after normal lab hours so we have contracted with a lab that will come to the vessel and administer the required Antigen test. We are doing the Antigen test as we can get the results very quickly unlike the full PCR which does take about 48 hours and since the US will accept the Antigen test, this is the one we will be using. The results will be emailed to each guest in time for your flight.
The cost of each test is 2,160 pesos or approx. $110 USD. We will accept cash or credit card on board.
Of note, is that this applies to all travelers entering the US, either to stay or in transit. Canadians however still require the full PCR test which has a 48 hour turnaround as dictated by the Government of Canada.

Michael Ann Boyer
Pacific Fleet

*These protocols are being considered by the Mexican Government as new governing rules specific for the pandemic. We expect these new rules to be enforceable in the next couple of weeks, therefore, we will fully comply with these new rules as we want to keep our guests and crew as safe as possible. Non-compliance will result in being denied boarding and forfeiture of monies paid for the trip.