About Us

We strive to instill environmental responsibility and share our love of the ocean and everything in it with our guests through life changing experiences.


Here at the Pacific Fleet we have certain core values which are at the heart of what we do, and really define who we are. This is our Pacific Fleet culture.


At the Pacific Fleet our primary concern is the safety of our guests and our crew. This has always been our number one goal. And in an everchanging world with everchanging demands, we fully adapt, always placing your safety above all else.


We know that the Socorro Islands, the Revillagigedo Archipelago and Guadalupe Island are very special places. They offer some of nature’s most unique, most spectacular sights. We are passionate about sharing these gifts of nature with our guests. At the Pacific Fleet we pride ourselves on our team, that will always go above and beyond to assure that your experience with us in unmatched and unforgettable. We are committed to ensuring that our passion becomes your passion. Our goal is to always make sure that you, our guest, take home amazing long lasting and life changing memories of these very special areas and of our people.


We are a true local company with over 12 years of experience; we really know the Socorro Islands and Guadalupe. This is our home. More importantly though is that we want to share this knowledge with you. From the moment you make your first enquiry, to the moment you leave, you will find that we will make your experience unforgettable.

Valuing Relationships

At the Pacific fleet, we value all of our relationships. From our relationships with our customers, relationships with our partners, relationships with our communities and relationships with our environment. To build a sustainable business we need long-standing relationships. Therefore, we believe in establishing, valuing and nurturing these relationships is the key to the satisfaction of our guests and the success of our business.


The life blood of any company is communication. Our guests tell us what they want and what they need, and we listen and we deliver. We communicate openly and honestly, ensuring all expectations are met. We go out of our way to make sure that all special requests and needs are fulfilled. From the point of initial contact with a guest, we help guide them throughout each step in the process. That means saying what we mean and doing what we say, communicating clearly throughout. Delivering on our promises while carrying out our business to the highest ethical standards.

Experience & Service

We have a lifetime of experience and we want you to have ….the experience of a lifetime. This is how we judge our success; constant review of our performance to ensure that we are meeting the standards that our guests demand of us. This is not a choice, this is what we must provide to each guest, each and every time and every minute that they are with us. This is our purpose. This is our WHY.